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Encouragement, education and entertainment in faith and in life.

Writing, Speaking and Singing

If you wish to contact me for bookings please email me at donnafawcett(at) 

Speaking Ministry:

Stonecroft Ministry Speaker Ontario wide

Browns United Church anniversary service--2014 

North Park Women's Ministries--2014 

Write! Canada--continuing class--2014

Write! Canada Speaker 2013

Write!Kitchener 2013--Guest speaker--the Psychology of the writer

Stonecroft Ministries speaker--Stratford 2012, London May 2013, Mississauga June 2013,

Write! Canada Writers' Conference June 14-16, 2012--Guest panelist

His Imprint Saskatchewa Writers Group April 28, 2012--Guest speaker

Drayton Writers Group 2011--Guest speaker.

Write!Canada 2011--Conference panelist.

Profession Writers Association of Canada--London--Contests & Conquests (November 2010)

"You had me at 'how many of you never felt you fit in in society'? Excellent." Attendee

National Tractor Parts Dealers Association 2010 annual conference, Nashville, TN--Life is a Choice

"Donna Fawcett is a great friend, an accomplished writer and an amazing speaker. During her speaking engagement she opened her heart and let us into her life. Her books reflect her deepest feelings, thoughts and draws you into the stories as if you were there. We felt very privileged to have her speak at our conference and trade show." Conference Co-ordinator Phyllis Cox

Ontario Chapter Home Education Conference 2010--ADHD--Curse or Gift

Barrie Home Schooling Conference 2010--A Thriving Marriage is a Choice

"Thanks for your honesty! Very practical and helpful!" "I have ideas of things to actually try when I get home! " "Great!" "I appreciated her comments about marriage in general..." "Excellent insights!" "Highly recommend getting her again."

Write!Canada 2009--Self Published and Proud of It

"Because of your comments in the self-publishing session I took the steps to self-publish and market my book. And it even won an award!" Conference Attendee comment.

Barrie Home Schooling Conference 2009--What I Would Change if I Could Do it all Again

Association of Christian Schools International 2009--Creating a Love in Students for Creative Writing

Kitchener Christian School--Creating a Love in Students for Writing

London District Christian School--Creating a Love in Students for Writing

London District Christian Highschool--Creating a Love in Students for Writing

Write!London 2008--Marketing for the Writer

Ontario Chapter Home Education Conference 2008--What I Would Change if I Could Do it all Again

Kitchener/Waterloo Home Teaching Conference 2008--What I Would Change if I Could Do it all Again

Seaforth Couples Group--Marriage and its Pitfalls

Donna also teaches at Fanshawe College and has received comments of appreciation from many of her students for her public speaking and teaching skills.

Writing Ministry: 


2017 Pathfinder books author

2017 Contributing author for Chicken Soup for the Soul 

2016 Pathfinder books author

2016 Contributing author for Chicken Soup for the Soul 

2015 Contributing author for Chicken Soup for the Soul

2014 Contributing author for Chicken Soup for the Soul Canada 

2014 Contributing author for A Taste of Hot Apple Cider 

2014 Between Heaven & Earth--published through Newscroll Books 

2013 Regular contributor to Ficta Fabula

2013 Duke the Chihuahua Writes!--e-published 

2013 Judge for The Word Awards

2012 Stonecroft Ministries approved novels and CD--Vengeance, Fires of Fury and Searching for the Son

2012 Top 100 poems in the Writer's Union contest for poem Remember

2012 Our Canada magazine contributor

2012 Honourable Mention in Polar Expression for poem Remember

2011 Honourable Mention in Inscribe Christian Writers fiction essay

2011 Finalist in the Polar Expressions essay writing contest

2011 The Word Awards--Best Contemporary Novel for the novel Rescued

2011 Finalist for Cott's Clash of the Titles contest.

2011 Columnist for Home School Horizons magazine.

Regular contributor to Pages of Stories magazine

2010 Second place winner in Word Alive Press publishing contest for the novel Rescued

2010 Finalist in the Polar Expressions essay writing contest

2009 The Word Guild Awards--Best Contemporary Novel and Best IP Novel for the book Vengeance

2008 of essay on Love

Freelance writer published in national and international magazines.

Newspaper columnist for St Marys Journal Argus.

Contributor to Hot Apple Cider anthology, Cecil Murphey's Christmas Miracles anthology and Whodunit Halloween anthology.

Finalist in Inscribe awards--Honourable Mention for short story, 2nd place for query.

Singing Ministry:

Stonecroft Ministry events Ontario


The Word Awards--Performance of winning song 2013

Stonecroft Ministries--Mississauga June 2013

The Word Guild Awards--Best Song Lyrics 2012 for song Heaven's Light off of Searching for the Son

Stratford Women's Connection--January 16th, Arden Park Hotel, Stratford, Ontario

Community Bible Church Christmas Cantata--December 4th, 10th and 11th, CBC church Ilderton and then CBC #7

Hardcore Ministries 2011--main music for first annual event August 14th

Write!Canada 2011--solo for June 17th evening session

CD and Book Launch--Community Bible Church, May 2nd, 2011

Radio Release of CD May 12,

Tender Heart Ministries Fundraiser--May 14th Mississauga

NTPDA Conference 2011--spotlight soloist in Florida.

Corner Gospel Church--Restoule, Ontario (August 8 and August 15, 2010--and again Sept 5, 2010)

The Word Guild Awards Gala 2006--Kitchener, Ontario

"I heard Donna Fawcett sing while staying at the Write!Canada conference in Guelph, Ontario. She has a lovely voice that soothes and touches the heart when she sings. When she sings it feels as if God is right there, singing to you of his love, his peace and his light that dispels the darkness. Donna's love of God is shown within her songs and moves you to want a closer walk with him." Maureen E. Kowal Author of 2 Grade One Vowel Books The Candy Map and The Loud Chime

NTPDA Conference--Memphis, TN

NATS 2000 Student Auditions--3rd place

Stratford Women's Chapter--Nairn, Ontario

Grace Community Church--St Marys, Ontario

Seaforth Church--Seaforth, Ontario

Wellesley Alliance Missionary Church--Wellesley, Ontario

St Marys United Church--St Marys, Ontario

Christmas Joint Church Event--St Marys, Ontario

St Marys Baptist Church--St Marys, Ontario

St Marys Catholic Church--St Marys, Ontario

Prison Ministry Fundraiser--Wellesley, Ontario

Kiwanis Music Festival adult division--2nd place

Montreal Haitian Churches--Montreal, Quebec

Lucan Revival Centre--Lucan, Ontario

United Church Couples Club--Lucan, Ontario

Tillsonburg Radio Coffee Night--Tillsonburg, Ontario

Too many weddings and funerals to count



As a participant in ministry it is necessary to provide the practical information needed in order to make that ministry possible. Below you will find what is referred to as a Letter of Understanding. This allows you to partner with Donna in preparing the best ministry event possible for your church. Please feel free to copy this letter, fill it out and send it to Donna at

Letter of Understanding


Church or Organization requesting Donna Fawcett's speaking services:

Contact person/people:

Dates for speaking engagement:

Type of Event:

Donna Fawcett's schedule for the event:

Other services Donna Fawcett will provide:

Topic(s) that Donna Fawcett will be speaking on:

Fees: For a weekend event consisting of no more than four speaking sessions the organization will pay $500.00. For a single session the organization will pay $200.00. Expenses will be in addition to the speaker fee at $0.40 per km for the first 200 km and $0.10 thereafter. Accommodations and meals, if needed, will also be payed by the organization.

Book Table: Donna Fawcett will be provided with a table at least six feet long with one table cloth. This will be used as a book table, which will be placed in a prominent position, such as the lounge. One volunteer will help Donna Fawcett man the table so that she is free to talk to participants if needed. The church will ask the local bookstore not to bring any of Donna Fawcett's books to the event so that Donna Fawcett is the sole provider of her own work.

Planning the Event: The organization agrees to contact Donna Fawcett if any of the above is not acceptable, or if the schedule changes.

Recording the Event: The organization may record the event if it desires, but Donna Fawcett will own the rights to the recording and will be provided with one copy after the event. If the organization is going to make this available to all attendees, the fee will be $1.00 per person for the rights to each talk. The organization may then sellf the recordings, for whatever price they wish, to the attendees, but if it wants to make the recordings available more widely, an additional contract will have to be made between Donna Fawcett and the organization.

Additional Comments:

Organization's Name and signature of person responsible for event: