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The Power of Prayer

Posted by Donna Dawson on September 23, 2009 at 10:44 PM

We blame God because it doesn't happen.  And then we begin to doubt.  Did he really mean what he said in the word?  Perhaps I'm not in his will.  Perhaps I can never be in his will.  And then along came Fay Rowe's book 'What's in a Name'.


This book blind sided me.  It forced me to realize in all truth that I didn't really believe that God meant for every one of his promises to be fulfilled.  I came face to face with the knowledge that I didn't really understand those promises.  I read the book with a growing hunger and walked away from it at the end feeling stuffed to the rafters with a new insight.  God meant what he said!


And to make his point, he promised to uphold his promises even over his own integrity--in other words if he doesn't keep them, then he's a liar.  And since he's not a liar then they must happen.  That left me with the task of learning what those promises were and what their true meanings were.


I began to dig.  'By his stripes we are healed'.  Did it really mean that?  Literally?  I looked at the scripture.  There were no conditions.  He meant it.  But what does it mean to be healed?  Physical?  Mental? Spiritual?  Or perhaps all of the above.  I put the concept to the test.


I hadn't planned on being bitten by a brown spider.  And in spite of the numbness, swollen and decaying skin on my face and the spreading red stain, the medical professionals weren't willing to do more than hand me a prescription.  I knew the prescription would not work.  Brown spider poison has to be surgically removed.  I had a matter of days before I would lose my eye.  So I prayed.   God, your word says....God, you promised to uphold that word above your name...God, my face is in your hands.  You will heal me or you won't but it is your reputation at stake, not mine. 


I waited, feeling terrified for holding God to his word, feeling freed from worry.  I never took the medication and instead simply went on with my day.  My husband came home and made the observation that the medication must be working.  I informed him that I wasn't on medication and told him what I had done.  He suggested I look in the mirror.  The bite was half the size.  The feeling was returning to the half of my face affected.  I praised God and went to bed without worry.  The next morning a small spot--not unlike a sun spot--was all that remained.  It was my reminder to believe.


Recently, I and another author prayed in the same manner for the funds for his ministry.  God provided.  I have come to the conclusion that God holds back for two reasons.  We are either uninformed as to his responsibility toward his promises or we have misread those promises.


If only I could remember this lesson every moment of every day.  If only we all could.  What a world it would be!

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Reply Doug Allen
8:55 AM on October 12, 2009 
I know something about being terrified about holding God to His word. and I know that I haven't even begun to see it through. I have a lot of days in which I spend more time questioning instead of submitting. Yet somewhere in the back of the recesses of my mind I think that all of this is somehow connected to His purposes me and that if I hold to His word then I will eventually see then revealed. Really appreciated Peter's thoughts too.
Reply Donna Dawson
11:46 PM on September 28, 2009 
Yes, Mary, your book Because We Prayed sums it up beautifully.
Reply Mary Haskett
3:05 PM on September 27, 2009 
Thank you Peter,
I did just type a response but it disappeared! So once again I hope my little book will be an encouragement to many. That the content will set people alight to pray with confidence and be renewed in their spirits.
Reply Peter Black
9:27 PM on September 26, 2009 
Yes, Mary,
I'm just in from my Saturday evening one-on-one with the Lord in our church sanctuary, and smiled as I read your comment, because when I originally read this post by Donna, your book and its wonderful title immediately came to mind (although I didn't say so in my comment at he time. :)
Reply Mary Haskett
2:16 PM on September 26, 2009 
Yes praise God, because you prayed:)
Reply Peter Black
9:33 AM on September 24, 2009 
Praising the Lord and thanking you for this testimony, Donna.
Your experience stirs the embers, rakes out the ash, and encourages a fresh infusion of heavenly oxygen, to fuel and fire up our faith.
Reply Fay Rowe
8:18 AM on September 24, 2009 
Thanks for this, Donna. Very encouraging.
Reply Jim Fox
8:15 AM on September 24, 2009 
Thanks for the reminder that God's word works, but only if we work the word. Great testimony and a perfect promotional for Fay's book.

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