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Lessons from the Barnyard

Posted by donnadawson on December 22, 2008 at 5:16 PM

Today I watched my daughter ride our horse in the midst of a mild snow blizzard.  She's an adult and a competent rider.  On a sunny day, the horse would trust her.  He would enjoy the warmth and the sunshine; the fresh air and the smell of growing things.  And he would amble along with ears perked and the occasional contented sigh.  But not this day. 

Today, he hunches his back.  He stares cautiously at every shadow.  He glares a frustrated eye up at her from her perch in the saddle.  He longs for the safety of the barn.  What has changed?  Certainly the horse hasn't changed.  He is still the individual animal content to live his life as he sees fit.  Content to trust we dominant members of the herd for his food and shelter.  And she hasn't changed.  Her hand still grips the reins with a firm control.  Her leg steadily guides the same today as it always has.  What has changed?

The surroundings are different.  Suddenly things aren't as they should be.  They aren't as safe as he would like.  The wind howls.  The snow sifts around him.  The cold bites.  A slate sky calls of more snow soon and he can smell it in the air.  And he's afraid.

How like this we are with our creator.  When things go well, we are content to blare out our beliefs and our confidence in Christ.  But when the winds of societal change stir and the bitter words of antichrist are thrown into our faces, we balk.  It's safer in the barn.  The cold of hard hearts can't hurt us there.  And yet our Master hasn't changed.  He is still willing to guide us with a strong and kind hand to the destination he has chosen for us.  All he asks for is our submission to the reins.  He hasn't changed.  We haven't changed.  Only the circumstances around us shift and alter.  Will we struggle against our master's command or will we submit?  Will we trust in his ability to see what we don't understand?

As you enter into the Christmas season, may our Lord hem you in like the fence of a strong pasture.  May he bless you with abundance under the shelter of his providence.  May he teach you the truth--the eternal truth.  That he is the same today as he was two thousand years ago and an eternity to come.  Many blessings and Merry Christmas.

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Reply ruthsmithmeyer-com
8:48 PM on January 3, 2009 
What a lot of truth in a short blog! May we not balk at being taken out of the barn, but go where our Master guides us! The world needs us to be faithful and fearless now more than ever.