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Posted by Donna Dawson on March 22, 2015 at 10:40 PM

If I write a letter to you and you decide to translate it and then send it to someone else who decides to translate it into yet another language and then share it with a bunch of people, who is at fault if the final product isn't exactly the same as the first letter?  Is it my fault?  Does it mean that the letter is not true to my intent and my purposes and my will and word?  No.  Of course not.  So too with the Bible.  The Bible is simply a collection of writings inspired by or 'dictated' to the writers of it by YHVH.  In it's original form, it is true and exact and without error or contradiction.  But as time has passed and translations have taken place subtle changes have occurred.  Not deliberate changes per se but changes in perceptions of culture and word usage.  For example:  the word 'Christos' or 'Christ' isn't actually really a word and no, it isn't Jesus' last name either.  As the Hebrew scriptures were translated into Greek words crept up that didn't exist in the Greek.  There was no Greek word for 'Messiah' which means 'anointed one' so the word 'Christ' was used in place of 'Messiah' or 'Meshiac'.  I say all of that to say this--how far are we willing to go to learn the truth of the Bible?  Are we willing to learn another language?  Are we willing to study Hebrew so we can read the text in its original language--or Greek?  How much do we love God's word?  Enough to spend our lives learning the language in which it was written?  Perhaps we would have far less conflict and strife in the Christian community if we all took the time to learn the original text and then learn how to put it in context based on the culture and tradition of the original nation in which it was birthed.  Just a thought.

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