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Day Seven

Posted by Donna Dawson on January 7, 2014 at 2:20 PM

YHVH.  Three letters combined out of the Hebrew alphabet which, when put in order, reveal the most powerful name ever.  Some call him Jehovah.  It is a mispronunciation.  Each letter has significance.  All are what are know as 'consonental vowels'.  There are only three in the Hebrew alphabet.  Three letters which can be both consonent and vowel.  Three letters totally complete.  But it goes deeper. 


The first letter is a 'yod'.  It is either a silent vowel or a 'y' sound as in 'young' consonent.  Yod is the building block for the other letters.  It can be found tucked somewhere in the construction of its siblings.  In Hebrew study, the Yod represents the omnipresence of God.  How fitting that it should be the first letter in keys words such as YHVH, Yeshuah, Yerushalayem--all words deeply connected with God. 


Then we have the next letter 'hey'.  As a vowel it can be silent.  As a consonent it can give the 'h' sound.  As a significant letter, it describes the divine breath but also can indicate gender when used in a name.  When Abram became Abraham it was with the letter 'hey'. 


Then we have 'vav'.  A breath spoken as a vowel, it becomes a 'v' sound as a consonent.  Vav has a meaning of connectiveness.  The letter itself is used to refer to the hooks used to hang the tabernacle curtains.  How significant that it should be placed between the two 'hey's in The Name. 


The final 'hey' is the female 'hey'.  This letter, used at the end of the name, gives a feminine touch.  So Sarai became Sarah.  When put all together in that one powerful Name, we can begin to see a picture of the 'image of God'. 


The Great Builder--the 'Yod' of all things shows God's power and presence and eternal supremacy.  The two 'hey's linked by the 'vav' show us that both man and women are made in the image of God and linked together in an inseparable glorification of Him. 


YHVH.  The Name.  Unchanging.  Unchangeable.  And we are made in that image. 

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Reply Lynne Collier
10:42 PM on January 9, 2014 
Wow! That's really powerful, Donna. Thank you so much for sharing that. It certainly brings us closer to God when we understand how He uses even 4 letters to reveal so much about Himself.