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Guest Post with Marcela De Vivo

Posted by Donna Dawson on June 19, 2013 at 9:50 AM

Today we have a guest blogger, Marcela De Vivo.  Duke, Bee and I offer a hearty welcome and hope you enjoy what Marcela has to say.  Duke has just asked if Marcela is related to Leonardo Da Vinci.  I showed him the difference between the names and told him to be on his best behaviour.  He is sufficiently repentant for his faux paw.  Bee says she has drafted a lovely disclaimer and would like to post it below:

Not all of the views expressed in this article necessarily reflect the views of this website and its owners and adherents. 

I have suggested that Bee might want to read up on copyright infringement and own up to the fact that she copied her disclaimer from the credits of her latest doggy movie "Gone with the Hound".


Tips For Achieving A Positive Affirmation

by Marcela De Vivo


Making positive, bold changes in our lives can be a major challenge. Old ways of thinking, limiting beliefs and other rigid ways of existing can stand in between who we are and the better selves we have yet to become.


A great way to overcome your past and boldly step into the future you want to live in is to use daily, positive affirmations. Partly grounded in spiritual wisdom, partly based in psychological fact, simple and regular reinforcements are miraculously effective in overcoming obstacles.

Here are some general guidelines in the power of positive thinking:



Accentuate the positive; overcome the negative



A great way to move forward is to catalogue the various ways we’re already on the right track. Too often, we’re become caught up in what we see as limitations that we become blind to the things we already have.


On a regular basis, tell yourself aloud the things you like about you: “I am funny”; “I am a good listener”, and so on. Similarly, voice the many things you take for granted that you should be truly grateful for. Although it may seem a bit corny to some, reciting such affirmations in a mirror can lead to life-altering breakthroughs.


At the same time, be conscious of the negative self-images you want to rid yourself of. We often repeat self-defeating tape-loops in our head that only negatively reinforce our fears and anxieties: “I am fat”; “I can’t stand up for what I want.” Take note of these negative self-fulfilling prophecies, and counteract them with positive counterparts.


Put it in writing


Once you’ve taken inventory of your best qualities and greatest insecurities, write them down in addition to using them to guide your mental affirmations. Positive mantras are powerful, but for some reason, the act of setting intentions down on paper is even more so. As with inner monologues, you should write “I”-directed statements that are direct and concise.


A journal chronicling your inner growth cannot be overemphasized. On top of setting daily, positive thoughts, it can be surprisingly useful to record your dreams as soon as you wake up. While we might not see it at the time, our dreams can be a powerful conduit to our higher, unconscious path, so keeping in touch with our dream-life often awakens us in ways we don’t expect.


Furthermore, it’s psychologically potent to see a slowly-but-surely gradual record of our closing the gap between our current desires and our goals.


Use visualizations


Writing is a great means of reinforcement; using visual cues is another. Internal guided imagery is a tested means of growing confident in whom we want to be. In particular, if you’re facing a challenging upcoming event, such as a job interview or a public presentation, spend time beforehand imagining yourself mastering that situation, driving it all home with the same verbal statements you should be writing in your journal: “I am a specialist in my field”; “I really know what I’m talking about”.

Be persistent


Any significant change in our lives is going to take time, so don’t give up after only a few days or weeks. Building emotional and spiritual “muscle” is no different than physical workouts-- it can be hard at first, and big goals can seem so distant that we can give up all too easily.


Therefore, in addition to setting aside regular times for affirmations (first thing in the morning; last thing at night), think of ways to reward yourself for partial victories. If you’re trying to quit smoking, for example, take yourself out to eat after you haven’t lit up for two weeks.


When it comes to making significant personal transformations, we can all be our worst enemies. With regular affirmations, however, it’s not difficult to become our own personal cheerleaders, rooting us on for victories that once seemed impossible.


Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer from Southern California whose writing specializes in a range of health topics, including diet and exercise, holistic medicine and vitamins and supplements. She starts and ends each day with positive affirmations.









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