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Lessons about worship

Posted by donnadawson on January 4, 2009 at 12:29 PM

Often when we think of worship, we think of music and I have pondered on many occasions about its significance.  What power does it hold over us? 

I have studied music all my life.  With a 97% in preliminary theory, a third place in the Canadian National Vocal Competitions, certificates in bronze level ballroom dance, eight grades of piano, four years of flute and three years of guitar under my belt, I am well aware of the effects music can have on a person and it is no wonder that it plays such a prominant role in worship.

What other venue engages all parts of the human species?  Does work encapture our souls?  Does academic study steal our attention?  Can a movie or book move our emotions quite the same?  Not really.  While we can pour our efforts into our work and we can study the scriptures--something I whole-heartedly encourage--while we listen to sermons and read literature that is designed to uplift, only music permeats all parts of us at once.

Have you been busy at a task when a favourite song came on the radio and immediately your attention was stolen?  Have you had scripture jump at you in its full meaning once its profound words were put to melody?  Even the best book or movie plot line can be side-railed by the right combination of words and tune.

Worship in itself is a focusing of all parts of body, soul and spirit on our creator and all He is and has done.  It is no wonder God chose music as a major form of worship.  Even the least musical among us can appreciate the beauty of a well-composed song. 

How often do we underplay this important function in our personal and corporate worship.  Perhaps, we may think, if we give it more importance we will pump up its leaders and workers to a state beyond humility.  Or perhaps we will spend too much time turning our focus away from other modes of worship.  And yet, time and time again, God calls us to pour ourselves out before him in music; drums, flute, lyre, tambourines and stringed instruments, trumpets and cymbals.  It is no co-incidence that the churches with the greatest growth are filled with amazing music.

What does this all have to do with writing?  Imagine putting into song the words God has given a writer.  Imagine the potent combination of written inspiration with musical inspiration.  As God moves us to follow him--to worship him--let us pour all we have into whatever method he reveals in his word.  He doesn't ask for perfection.  None would meet the mark.  But he does ask us to put our all into it.  If that means learning then let us learn.  If that means participating then let us participate.  Let it never be said as we stand before our Lord that we didn't do all we could to "make a joyful noise" unto him.  Blessings.

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