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Prayer for Members of Parliament Part 3

Posted by Donna Dawson on March 26, 2012 at 9:05 AM

So we come to the end of prayer for the Members of Parliament.  This list is quite long but I ask that we all persevere and lift our leaders ups before God's throne.  Their's is a great burden and they will stand before him with an accounting of how they have led our country.  So here we go:

Great and Mighty Lord God Jehovah.  History shows that you do not abide being mocked for long. You have a wonderful plan for each country--a plan that involves a loving and personal relationship with you.  But history shows that we continually turn our faces away from you and chase after other gods--gods that are helpless to save us.  We lift these men and women up to you now and ask you to guide them as they lead us.  Prick their hearts so that they may see the futility of ruling without you as their compass.  Fill their minds with your thoughts and desires.  And we come against those who would do all they can to sway these leaders from the truth.  You are the God of all truth and you ask us to seek your truth.  Put a hunger in the hearts of these men and women to seek after you in all truth.  Open their eyes to the deceptions around them.  Move them to find you.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.

Daniel, Joe

Davidson, Patricia

Davies, Don

Davies, Libby

Day, Anne-Marie

Dechert, Bob

Del Mastro, Dean

Devolin, Barry

Dewar, Paul

Dion, Stéphane (Hon.)

Dionne Labelle, Pierre

Donnelly, Fin

Doré Lefebvre, Rosane

Dreeshen, Earl

Dubé, Matthew

Duncan, John (Hon.)

Duncan, Kirsty

Duncan, Linda

Dusseault, Pierre-Luc

Dykstra, Rick

Easter, Wayne (Hon.)

Eyking, Mark (Hon.)

Fantino, Julian (Hon.)

Fast, Ed (Hon.)

Findlay, Kerry-Lynne D.

Finley, Diane (Hon.)

Flaherty, Jim (Hon.)

Fletcher, Steven (Hon.)

Foote, Judy

Fortin, Jean-François

Freeman, Mylène

Fry, Hedy (Hon.)

Galipeau, Royal

Gallant, Cheryl

Garneau, Marc

Garrison, Randall

Genest, Réjean

Genest-Jourdain, Jonathan

Giguère, Alain

Gill, Parm

Glover, Shelly

Godin, Yvon

Goguen, Robert

Goldring, Peter

Goodale, Ralph (Hon.)

Goodyear, Gary (Hon.)

Gosal, Bal (Hon.)

Gourde, Jacques

Gravelle, Claude

Grewal, Nina

Groguhé, Sadia

Harper, Stephen (Right Hon.)

Harris, Dan

Harris, Jack

Harris, Richard M.

Hassainia, Sana

Hawn, Laurie (Hon.)

Hayes, Bryan

Hiebert, Russ

Hillyer, Jim

Hoback, Randy

Hoeppner, Candice

Holder, Ed

Hsu, Ted

Hughes, Carol

Hyer, Bruce

Jacob, Pierre

James, Roxanne

Jean, Brian

Julian, Peter

Kamp, Randy

Karygiannis, Jim (Hon.)

Keddy, Gerald

Kellway, Matthew

Kenney, Jason (Hon.)

Kent, Peter (Hon.)

Kerr, Greg

Komarnicki, Ed

Kramp, Daryl

Lake, Mike

Lamoureux, Kevin

Lapointe, François

Larose, Jean-François

Latendresse, Alexandrine

Lauzon, Guy

Laverdière, Hélène

Layton, Jack (Hon.)

Lebel, Denis (Hon.)

LeBlanc, Dominic (Hon.)

LeBlanc, Hélène

Leef, Ryan

Leitch, Kellie

Lemieux, Pierre

Leslie, Megan

Leung, Chungsen

Liu, Laurin

Lizon, Wladyslaw

Lobb, Ben

Lukiwski, Tom

Lunney, James

MacAulay, Lawrence (Hon.)

MacKay, Peter Gordon (Hon.)

MacKenzie, Dave

Mai, Hoang

Marston, Wayne

Martin, Pat

Masse, Brian

Mathyssen, Irene

May, Elizabeth

Mayes, Colin

McCallum, John (Hon.)

McColeman, Phil

McGuinty, David

McKay, John (Hon.)

McLeod, Cathy

Menegakis, Costas

Menzies, Ted (Hon.)

Merrifield, Rob (Hon.)

Michaud, Élaine

Miller, Larry

Moore, Christine

Moore, James (Hon.)

Moore, Rob (Hon.)

Morin, Dany

Morin, Isabelle

Morin, Marc-André

Morin, Marie-Claude

Mourani, Maria

Mulcair, Thomas

Murray, Joyce

Nantel, Pierre

Nash, Peggy

Nicholls, Jamie

Nicholson, Rob (Hon.)

Norlock, Rick

Nunez-Melo, José

Obhrai, Deepak

O'Connor, Gordon (Hon.)

Oda, Bev (Hon.)

Oliver, Joe (Hon.)

O'Neill Gordon, Tilly

Opitz, Ted

Pacetti, Massimo

Papillon, Annick

Paradis, Christian (Hon.)

Patry, Claude

Payne, LaVar

Péclet, Ève

Penashue, Peter (Hon.)

Perreault, Manon

Pilon, François

Plamondon, Louis

Poilievre, Pierre

Preston, Joe

Quach, Anne Minh-Thu

Rae, Bob (Hon.)

Rafferty, John

Raitt, Lisa (Hon.)

Rajotte, James

Rathgeber, Brent

Ravignat, Mathieu

Raynault, Francine

Regan, Geoff (Hon.)

Reid, Scott

Rempel, Michelle

Richards, Blake

Richardson, Lee

Rickford, Greg

Ritz, Gerry (Hon.)

Rousseau, Jean

Saganash, Romeo

Sandhu, Jasbir

Savoie, Denise

Saxton, Andrew

Scarpaleggia, Francis

Scheer, Andrew (Hon.)

Schellenberger, Gary

Seeback, Kyle

Sellah, Djaouida

Sgro, Judy (Hon.)

Shea, Gail (Hon.)

Shipley, Bev

Shory, Devinder

Simms, Scott

Sims, Jinny Jogindera

Sitsabaiesan, Rathika

Smith, Joy

Sopuck, Robert

Sorenson, Kevin

Stanton, Bruce

St-Denis, Lise

Stewart, Kennedy

Stoffer, Peter

Storseth, Brian

Strahl, Mark

Sullivan, Mike

Sweet, David

Thibeault, Glenn

Tilson, David

Toet, Lawrence

Toews, Vic (Hon.)

Toone, Philip

Tremblay, Jonathan

Trost, Brad

Trottier, Bernard

Trudeau, Justin

Truppe, Susan

Turmel, Nycole

Tweed, Merv

Uppal, Tim (Hon.)

Valcourt, Bernard (Hon.)

Valeriote, Frank

Van Kesteren, Dave

Van Loan, Peter (Hon.)

Vellacott, Maurice

Wallace, Mike

Warawa, Mark

Warkentin, Chris

Watson, Jeff

Weston, John

Weston, Rodney

Wilks, David

Williamson, John

Wong, Alice (Hon.)

Woodworth, Stephen

Yelich, Lynne (Hon.)

Young, Terence

Young, Wai

Zimmer, Bob

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