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The Triune GOD

Posted by Donna Dawson on June 17, 2019 at 10:00 AM

So, recently I had a discussion with a dear Jewish lady and came to realize that there is a very clear misunderstanding between how the Jews see the Christian faith.  She said to me, "We Jews are the only ones who worship one GOD.  Everyone else worships more than one."  It left me speechless which was too bad because I would have loved to clear up the misunderstanding.  I guess that's why I'm here, on this site.  I'm going to give a stab at it.  

The Jews believe in a Messiah.  They simply believe he hasn't come yet.  And they see him as a political leader.  There is a gap in their ability to see that we, too believe in a Messiah--the Messiah of their Bible.  We believe he has already come however.   But we don't see him as a political leader.  We see him as GOD come down to earth according to the Torah in the book of Isaiah chapter 9:6.  It states, "For unto us a child is born (which indicates a human being), unto us a son is given (that human would be male), and the government will be upon his shoulders. (Isaiah was speaking to the Jewish people so it's safe to assume the Jewish government of the day would oppress, reject and rebel against this son that is born).  And he will be called Wonderful Councellor (interesting that this is the name given to the Holy Spirit which is referred to as being a part of YHWH which carried out YHWH's intentions.  This part of GOD settled on people--Saul, Samuel, David--and permitted them to do miracles and divine truth), Mighty GOD (the Hebrew calls him El Gadol which directly translates as 'big GOD' and therefore declares that this Son who is a human born would be also, somehow, the Mighty GOD of Torah), Everlasting Father, (also a name reserved for the ONE GOD of the Old Testament) Prince of Peace (a moniker for the Messiah).  

So, we Christians recognize three attributes of the Old Testament or Torah GOD.  He is the everlasting Father who was born in the form of a human SON who would be the Messiah who brings power by the Spirit of GOD.  Complicated.  Yes.  But if GOD was easy to understand he wouldn't really be the all Powerful ONE would he?  

So Christianity is simply differing in the time table.  The Jews are expecting their Messiah to come.  We believe he will come again because  we believe he has already come ushering in the whole 'passover sacrifice' that was foreshadowed in the attempted sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham (interesting done on the same mountain where Y'shua died).  The question you need to ask is, "where's the proof?"  Who is right?  Does history prove the first advent?  Yes and I could give you a long list of proofs but it would serve you better to do your own homework.  The bottom line is this.  I serve one GOD.  He is YHWH who manifested himself in the form of Y'shua who made a way for the power of YHWH's spirit to dwell in us instead of simply resting on us.  I do hope I get the opportunity to clarify this dear woman's error about my belief.  We serve the same GOD.  We both love YHWH.  I just believe He made a way for us to be forgiven and set free.  She is still waiting for that to happen.

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