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What if I'm Wrong?

Posted by Donna Dawson on February 1, 2019 at 10:50 AM

I've been pondering my faith for some time now.  The question has come to my mind a few times--what if I'm wrong?  It isn't accompanied by the twinge of fear and the mind's grasping to go elsewhere so that I don't have to answer.  It has parked itself in the unemotional part of my grey matter and so I chose to follow that thread. 

I looked into the Buddhist faith and asked the question 'what do Buddhists believe about heaven?'  The answer didn't really surprise me.  They make their own heaven or hell.  I looked at that answer through the lens of my Biblical Christian faith combined with that haunting question.  What if I'm wrong and the Buddhist is right?  Well, I've lived a life actively serving others as much as I can out of a love for Jesus.  I strive to veer away from a path of sin though I've been known to fall too many times for comfort.  Would I qualify for the Buddhist heaven?  I think so.  So if my Christian belief is wrong and Buddhism is right, I've not really lost anything.  I'll die and enter whatever qualifies as a Buddhist heaven because my good deeds will have gotten me there--and I won't care that I was wrong.  

I then looked at the Atheist who doesn't believe there is a God or heaven or hell.  Well, again, I will have lived a good life--a life filled with hope and joy and love--a life surrounded by people who love me and pray for me.  I will come to the end of my days, die and...well...I won't care because I won't exist from that point on.  Again--I win.

I then looked at the Islamic faith.  They believe that worship of Allah and good deeds get them to their version of heaven.  Well, because of my good deeds, I half qualify.  I've had more people say that Allah is just the Muslim version of God anyway so if the Muslim faith were true and the Christian faith wasn't, I'd likely make it.  Another win.  

Next came the eastern religion and all its psudo-off-shoots.  They either believe we are all gods or they believe all religions lead to heaven.  Need I say more.  

So after looking down various roads with as objective a mind as I could muster, I came to realize that being a Christian would qualify me for heaven according to the standards of just about any one of the world's religions.  So then I looked at the other side of the question.  What if I'm right?

If I'm right (and I think I am) and faith in Y'shua (Jesus) is the only way to YHWH (God's REAL name) and eternal life in his kingdom, then again, I win because I do believe that Y'shua's life, death and resurrection are real historical events and that he is our only way to the Father.  But if I'm right, there's more to it.  As a Christian, I really don't lose in all those other faiths.  But those who reject Y'shua as the only way, the only truth and the only life (according to the Bible) don't get the privilege of heaven but will face an eternity apart from YHWH in a not very nice place.  I didn't write the rules.  I just research them and try to assertain which ones are true and which ones are a smoke screen from an enemy who doesn't want me to receive the love of the Creator of all life.  

It's something to consider.  No matter which way I twist it, the Christian faith has the most tangible evidence, has the best track record for authenticity and is the most logical choice when compared to the final destination of all other religions.  Oh...and there's a serious major difference between Christianity and all others.  Theirs is a religion--a belief system.  It only requires one way communication. True, Biblical Christianity, while sometimes misconstrued as a religion, is actually a relationship.  We have the privilege of not just praying to YHWH Y'shua but receiving answers from him as well.  We have the joy of seeing miracles take place that are more than superficial slight of hand tricks by con men and women who dress in the garb of Christianity but have no concept of the real depth of the relationship.  We have the hope of eternal life and the peace and comfort in the midst of the storms life.  We have forgiveness because, if we are honest, we know we all sin (aka mess up) and need someone who is perfect to forgive us.  Christianity isn't an elite religion.  It's a love relationship offered to all of humanity but the One who made humanity.  

As I meditate on this whole question issue, I am more and more assured that I am exactly where I need to be.  There's no real down side to being a Christian.  

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Reply Diane Stephenson
6:37 PM on February 1, 2019 
I have asked myself the same question though without really comparing it to any other choice as you have so skillfully done here. I don't think my question has been all that serious, because, like you, I believe I have lived my life, to the best of my ability, in the best way possible. Like you, I have messed up a good deal, but the best part of that is that we can ask for and receive forgiveness. None of those other religions have that option. There is no real way to true peace for them, whereas we have the way to peace within us as we walk with Jesus. I wouldn't trade my faith for anything else.