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FBI agent goes on a cruise for his vacation but discovers murder on board.  Can he find out if there is a deadly virus loose before the ship docks?  Can he keep Doctor Julie Holding from become embroiled in the intrigue?  Find out.


The Making of A CD

Please visit the CD page and enjoy the steps that are bringing about the creation of Donna--Searching for the Son.  This is a collection of songs from a number of different music genres.  There is everything from soft rock to country to jazz to contemporary on the CD.  I will continue to post as the CD grows. 

Abortion--The Final Frontier

If you have any interest in abortion--either pro-choice or pro-life--please go to the page about Rescued--the next book.  There is a solution.  Doctors I have spoken to have asked me "Why didn't we think of this?".  Specialists in the field have unanimously said, "This could be possible."  There is hope for those who wish to end the war that has divided nations, churches, businesses and families.  Not all will love the idea.  Some will even hate the idea.  But it is a solution and it is time that we looked past the war of ideals and found a viable compromise.  The book Rescued--a novel--compiles the intellect of medical professionals with radical ideas to offer just such a solution.  It won't be easy--but nothing worthwhile ever is.