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How is God good when there is Evil in the World

Posted by donnadawson on March 17, 2017 at 8:50 AM

I hear often the questions “why does God allow evil? Why should I serve someone who has the power to end suffering and does nothing?” They are good questions and I have pondered the answers for some time.

It comes down to a choice between two realities—between choosing the one who created evil and the One who permits evil. The one who created evil holds absolutely no regard for human life or for anything of beauty. We see that lived out day-to-day in the abuses and murders and destructions that sweep the planet. The One who permits evil does so because He desires to give the masses more time to turn to Him. The one hates humanity. The other loves humanity deeply.

Those who blame God for allowing evil in the world have completely overlooked the true villain. The devil—satan—desires that all people perish in their sins. He laughs at our groaning and suffering and he heaps evil upon us like an extra helping of gravy at a feast. But God—He feels each wound and He weeps and He calls to us and He puts things and people and events in our paths hoping that we will reach out to Him. He endures the wickedness for a time so that we can have one more day to seek Him while the enemy does his best to snuff us out before we can make that choice.

To think that ignoring God is not a choice is to make a grave and naive mistake. By rejecting God, we embrace His enemy. By turning away from the hand that can comfort us in the midst of the wickedness we cling to the author of wickedness. So the very one we should revile becomes our god. Too many make that blind choice. So God waits. He perseveres. He watches each day tick by and hopes—leans into the hope—that we will see the real villain and cast him aside. That is why God allows evil.


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